The Florida Department of State is currently sending email reminders to file your Annual Report.  These reports are due May 1, 2019 and there is no waiver of the $400 late fee if you miss this deadline.

There are a number of companies that will mail a very official looking document stating that your Annual Report is due, and their paper form must be filled out and mailed with payment – these are all SCAMS.

How To Safely File:

The legitimate email notice will state that it is from the Florida Department of State; Subject:  Official 2019 Annual Report Notice for: [Name of your corporate entity].

This email will direct you to file online at

Florida Department of State fees for the annual registration of corporate entities are:

  • Limited liability company:  $138.75
  • Corporation:  $150.00

Watch For These Scams

F.C.F.S. – Florida Corporate Filing Services.   This company sends you a notice requesting about $47 for a Certificate of Status.    In another scam they may request $125 for filing corporate minutes.

Corporate Filing Services Center.  This group requests about $68 for a certificate of status.  Scam.

Scam #3:  C.F.S – Certificate Filing Service.    This has very official looking, high-quality paper.  They will request about $49 for a certificate of status.  Also a scam!